Court Works Service Services

Pressurized Water Broom Cleaning (Court Wash)
Debris is effectively removed with our pressurized waterbroom service. Preserve your investment! Regularly scheduled court washes slow down the wear and tear of your court, plus it provides a more effective and enjoyable surface to play on!

Air Broom
Air blow loose debris off your court between court washings.

Contact Us
A service representative will gladly meet with you to assist you with any questions and help you design a customized service plan that is just right for you. If your cleaning needs change with the seasons, we'll be happy to adjust your service plan.

We offer flexible scheduling and referral discounts. Call or email for more details

Customized Service
We will customize service to meet your cleaning needs. Not sure what level of cleaning is right for you?

Here are examples of some customized cleaning services provided for our current customers:

  • Alternating Court Washing and Air Blow Weekly
  • Court Washing every 2, 3, or 4 weeks


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